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Assisting You In Recovering From Those Sudden Financial Crises Seeking an alternative to a high interest non-secured loan, a proven safe and secure method to providing you the cash you need and custom fitted to meet the your borrowing needs? If the answer is yes then feel comfortable you have found your solution


Look at some loan quote examples:


Year of Car Make of Car Model Trim Typical Loan Amount
Year of Car Make of Car Model Trim Typical Loan Amount
2009 Ford F-150 4×4 $3000 – $4000
2005 GMC Sierra 4×2 $4000 – $5000
2012 Honda Fit Base $6000 – $7000
2008 Infiniti Qx-56 Limited $13,500 – $16,500


Forfeiting all of your most personal information and all of the hassle inducing background screening, appraising your vehicle is all that is required to establish the highest possible amount of money for you. If your a borrower that has to depend on how good of a caretaker you are to your vehicle, then chances are your car is in great condition and you will qualify for a surprising amount of capital from Title Loans Orange County.

We underwrite our car title loans to specifically meet and exceed the needs of each and every individual borrower that takes the time to fill out our easy internet application. We have been practicing exceptional, proven to be mutually beneficial lending methods since we opened for business all those years ago. We encourage borrowers with “less than perfect” credit to try us out and be amazed at how much we can do for them. When we decide to do business this way we end up retaining 90 percent of our client base and doing loans with us becomes a normal thing for everyday people.

Everyday our executives convene and discuss how we can further approve our approach to providing the highest quality, best underwritten, lowest interest loans in California. Here are a few more ways for our clients to save.



Why do people choose us over our competitors?

Don’t let the fact that you have bad credit stop you!

Accepting clients who reach out to us with less than perfect credit is what we do best. We have experienced first hand what customers have to endure while applying for all sorts of background checks only to be disappointed and left with a bad credit report and nothing to do with it.

We custom fit our loans to match your financial profile

Reputations are not built overnight and we understand that the only way to obtain reputation is to do what you say and say what you mean. The process here at Title Loans Orange County is quite simple. Come in and enjoy yourself while your car gets appraised and be presented with offer in as little as fifteen minutes. Our online process moves much faster than most and over 95 percent of our loans are funded the very same day.

Get Cash Within 24 Hours!

Our corporation firmly believes that through our clever combination of unmatched customer support and personalized loans, that we have set the precedent on what a exceptional auto title loan should be. Our process is as easy as completing our short application form. After you are approved and have submitted a few documents you can receive your cash within a matter of hours. Should you be unable to make it to one of our locations a loan representative can gladly pay you a visit.

Use your car as collateral and you keep the keys in your hands


For those of you who have never had a payment on their vehicle before don’t be discouraged. Turn that Old Toyota your parents gave you into a smart way to get the cash you need for your first semester of college, to take a nice trip, or to make some repairs to keep the vehicle saving you money. Use your car after you get your loan the way you used it before. We pledge not to take what should be a pleasant, gratifying experience and turn it into a burden for our client. We take a preemptive strike for success before you even walk through our doors by having established honorable proven loan structures.

Title Loans Orange County: Be apart of the largest and most trusted title loan network!
Should you find yourself in an challenging financial situation, Taking out a loan on the title of your vehicle is a convenient way to use readily available assets to take care of some of the following situations…

- Child or personal healthcare fees

- Repairs for your vehicles or homes

- Consolidate debt for personal or business reasons

- Fees for school

- hobbies,vacations, or investments

Don’t just believe us when we tell you we’re are a cut above the rest, let us show you. Our loans don’t come with surprise balloon payments or hiked interest rates. When you are considering using your equity to work for you again , contact us at Title Loans Orange County.

Orange County Title Loans delivers you low interest auto title loans with flexible monthly payments and top notch service. We have been established for many years and we have rave reviews when it comes to our clients considering us for repeat loans. Our unprecedented approach to the way we do business has us ranked the highest among the industry competitors.

Whenever our client is hesitant about getting a secured loan with their vehicle as opposed to an unsecured loan which are hard to qualify for, we urge them to consider that not every lender they choose to deal with in the personal loan world is a reputable one. When you deal with an auto title loans specialist that has been in business for several different decades your choosing Title Loans Orange County.

We make it very easy and accessible to get a loan with us which is the number one reason why you should choose us. It doesn’t matter which credit bracket you fall into something can be done for you here at Title Loans Orange County. We have a proven system of lending that is incredibly easy. Loans are typically given for more than 50 percent of your vehicles value which is well above the standard.


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