Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of  Title Loans Orange County.

Here we address the most common inquiries we have about how we do business or how a loan works. If your question is not addressed in this section we apologize and encourage you to call  is and your issue will be addressed immediately.

Who is Title Loans Orange County

We are a time tested, long established auto title loan company designed to fit the needs of only one person, our borrower. Online car loans are a very straightforward way to obtain the cash you need without having to deal with an impersonal loan officer at a bank.

What is a Vehicle Title Loan?

A car title loan is a loan in which you take out money against the equity of your vehicle. It’s very effective and is considered a “secured” loan so providing you with the lowest rate is the easiest thing to do on our end . All we do is add our lien to your vehicle and you drive away with the cash you need. When your loan is consolidated and you no longer have payments then your vehicle becomes yours once again., and we seal the deal by giving you the title to your vehicle in return.

What are some more requirements?

  1. Client must have a valid driver license.
  2. The vehicle intended to have a lien put on it should be free and clear of other liens and must be currently registered.
  3. There must be active insurance on the vehicle.

How much do i qualify for?

The amount of money that you can borrow depends on the appraised value of your vehicle. Your vehicle has to be in acceptable condition but most of the time the borrower has enough discretion to know if their vehicle qualifies for a loan or not. Luxury brands and vehicle that age well in the blue book will all be strongly considered when you apply. Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our quotes over the phone without seeing the vehicle first, we are still able to give you an estimate over the phone based off the accuracy of the information we are being given. We offer all of these quotes for free and more often than nor borrowers who possess multiple loan will be able to qualify for larger loan amounts.

Do you take my vehicle?

When you get a loan through Title Loans Orange County we are not interested in crippling the borrower by taking away their vehicle. There is no requirement that says you have to hand over your vehicle to us after you obtain a loan. We encourage the client to practice caution and safety when using their vehicle with a lien on it.

What other assets do I need?

The only asset we require is the title of your car

Will bad credit affect your decision on my loan?

Credit is not an option when it comes to getting a loan for your car.We are not interested in your financial past, only your more secure financial future with us. Traditional loan lenders have to abide by credit standards because with them you are taking out an unsecured loan.

How long is the approval process?

You start off by exchanging information with our highly trained staff. Forms that are completed in full should take no less than an hour to process. Should your vehicle qualify for a title loan from us your loan can be delivered in as little as two hours, depending on time processed.

What is the length of the loan term?

All of the loans we provide here at Title Loans Orange County are customized to fit the needs of our borrowers. WE are firm believers of choice because it makes the client feel a lot more comfortable in in control.

What happens if I’m going to miss payment

If your going to miss a payment or believe you may not be able to pay on time call us and we can assess the situation on a case by case basis.

Are there pre-payment penalties involved with these loans?

There are absolutely no pre-payment penalties involved with this type of loan. Title Loans Orange County encourages borrowers to practice good borrowing habits.. For example, if you have a loan for 12 months and you decide to pay on your tenth month you will not be charged for the lost interest on our end. Another reasons to use us!

Are loan terms able to be changed later?

We can absolutely modify your loan arrangement after the fact. If some factors have changed in your life that have affected your ability to pay your loan off effectively and on time consult with us and we will work with you to get you back on track,,,free of charge!

Is my valuable personal information safe?

Part of our pledge at Title Loans Orange County is that we are are capable of improving to you our client that your personal information will be safe and secure. We go through great measures to ensure the safety of your title and information.


Have we provided you with enough information to decide if you can obtain a title loan from us using our most trusted and honorable auto title loan lending system. Speak to one of our staff and get started on the process and get funded in as little as a few hours today!!!