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Did you just get hit with a financial crisis and you don’t know wher
e to go for fast cash? We can help! For all your emergency loans and financial needs, Orange County Title Loans can get you the cash you need right away. If you’re the owner of a vehicle, you’re in luck: you can use the title of your car to get the money you need, FAST! When you get a title loan with Orange County Title Loans, you can use your car to get approved for a loan right away. In less than 24 hours, you’ll get the emergency funds you need for peace of mind. Call us now at 949-336-1408 or apply online to see how large of a loan you can get with your car!

2009 Ford F-150 4×4 $3000 – $4000
2005 GMC Sierra 4×2 $4000 – $5000
2012 Honda Fit Base $6000 – $7000
2008 Infiniti Qx-56 Limited $13,500 – $16,500


If you’re tired of filling out all that paperwork only to get turned down for a bank loan, know that you’ll get a better experience with us. At Orange County Title Loans, you won’t be expected to forfeit all of your personal information as if you were going through an IRS audit. You won’t even need to worry about having bad credit because it won’t make an impact on whether you get a loan with us or not. Instead, if you’re a car owner and your vehicle is in great shape, you’ll be able to get a loan pretty quickly. We’ll make sure that you have the easiest and fastest loan experience. Orange County Title Loans cares deeply about providing the best customer experience to our clients. Most of all, we want to help you get the highest possible loan amount for you. If you’re a borrower in need of a hassle-free loan process, look to Orange County Title Loans!

Our application is so simple, you can fill it out in less than 5 minutes! Imagine what you could do with your fast cash loan wired to your bank account in just a few HOURS. No more wasting time! No need to feel like a sitting duck waiting for the right lender! We’re happy to give you a hand and get you the cash you need right away. At Orange County Title Loans, we’ve been giving our customers exceptional service for 11 years. Our company prides itself in providing an important service to our community, especially for those who are stuck in a financially difficult situation and need a hand. We encourage our borrowers with “less than perfect” credit to try us out and be amazed at how much we can do for them. We make sure all our customers are satisfied with their experience!


Don’t let the fact that you have bad credit stop you!

Even if you’re turned down by the banks, we’t won’t turn you away! We accept clients who have less than perfect credit! Orange County Title Loans will give you a hand–that is what we do best!  We empathize with our customers who have had to endure applying for all sorts of background checks only to be disappointed by the big banks and financial institutions who turn them down because of a bad credit report.

We custom fit our loans to match your financial profile

Reputations are not built overnight and we understand that the only way to obtain reputation is to do what you say and say what you mean. The process here at Orange County Title Loans is quite simple. Get your car appraised and be given a loan offer in as little as fifteen minutes! Our online process moves much faster than most and over 95 percent of our loans are funded the very same day.


Our company provides unmatched customer support when it comes to helping you get your loan. Our process is as easy as completing our short application form. After you are approved and have submitted a few documents you can receive your cash within a matter of hours! Don’t hesitate or wait any longer! Get the cash you need, right now!


For those of you who have never had a payment on their vehicle before don’t be discouraged. Turn that old Toyota your parents gave you into a smart way to get the cash you need for your first semester of college, to take a nice trip, or to make some repairs to keep the vehicle saving you money. Use your car after you get your loan the way you used it before. We pledge not to take what should be a pleasant, gratifying experience and turn it into a burden for our client. We take a preemptive strike for success before you even walk through our doors by having established honorable proven loan structures.

Orange County Title Loans: Be part of the largest and most trusted title loan network!
Should you find yourself in an challenging financial situation, Taking out a loan on the title of your vehicle is a convenient way to use readily available assets to take care of some of the following situations…

  • Child or personal healthcare fees
  • Repairs for your vehicles or homes
  • Consolidate debt for personal or business reasons
  • Fees for school
  • Hobbies,vacations, or investments

Don’t just believe us when we tell you we’re are a cut above the rest, let us show you. Our loans don’t come with surprise balloon payments or hiked interest rates. When you are considering using your equity to work for you again , contact us at Orange County Title Loans.

Don’t just believe us when we tell you we’re are a cut above the rest, let us show you. Our loans don’t come with surprise balloon payments or hiked interest rates. When you are considering using your equity to work for you again , contact us at Orange County Title Loans.

Orange County Title Loans delivers you low interest auto title loans with flexible monthly payments and top notch service. We have been established for many years and we have rave reviews when it comes to our clients considering us for repeat loans. Our unprecedented approach to the way we do business has us ranked the highest among the industry competitors.

Whenever our client is hesitant about getting a secured loan with their vehicle as opposed to an unsecured loan which are hard to qualify for, we urge them to consider that not every lender they choose to deal with in the personal loan world is a reputable one. When you deal with an auto title loans specialist that has been in business for several different decades your choosing Orange County Title Loans.


We make it very easy and accessible to get a loan with us which is the number one reason why you should choose us! It doesn’t matter which credit bracket you fall into, something can be done for you here at Orange County Title Loans! We have a proven system of lending that is incredibly easy. Loans are typically given for more than 50 percent of your vehicles value which is well above the standard.

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